Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart;
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.
Thou my best thought, by day or by night;
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.

Be Thou my wisdom, and Thou my true Word;
I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord; 
Thou my great Father, I Thy true Son;
Thou in me dwelling, and I with Thee one.

Be Thou my battle shield, sword for the fight;
Be Thou my dignity; Thou my delight;
Thou my soul's shelter, Thou my high tower:
Raise Thou me heavenward, O Power of my power.

Riches I heed not, nor man's empty praise;
Thou mine inheritance, now and always:
Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,
High King of Heaven, mine Treasure Thou art.

High King of Heaven, my victory won,
May I reach Heaven's joys, O bright Heaven's sun!
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall,
Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all.

Written by Eleanor H. Hull

Kiss America Goodbye

I know I've taken a long time in writing a new blog. I have no excuse for myself, except for the fact that I feel emotionally, spiritually, physically, and creatively exhausted. But here I am, with a full blog telling of what is on my very burdened heart and mind.

Last night, Barack Obama became the next President of  the United States to be. All during this day I have felt rotten sick, and praying to God that he would help us. The very fact that America has elected a socialist, pro-choice man who won't even salute his own flag to be their president blows my mind; I don't understand it, in fact I am appalled by it. The only thing it shows me is that our dear, dear America is no more. It is gone, and will never return to us. The slow decline of morals in the people has finally taken it's toll - or the beginning of it's toll - and I don't see how we can possibly recover from it. In one of Obama's memoir's he blatantly said that he would side with the Muslims if war broke out, and if he sticks to his word, he will not support Israel in a war with Iran. If that happens - and I pray that it does not - God will undoubtedly leave this country. He has blessed us because of our support of his chosen people, and when that support ends, so does his. Of course, he will never leave the remnant of his people, and that gives me comfort. Right now the passage in the Bible when God says that the sins of the fathers are passed down to the children makes a lot of sense to me. I wonder what kind of horrors will be passed to my children because of the decisions being made at this moment. 

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sun Through the Leaves

This morning I and my sister woke up earlier than everyone else. We decided that we would take a walk through our large backyard while the sun was still rising and the grass was still wet with the morning's dew.  I put on my boots with my pajamas, while she put on her pretty robe with the red roses on it. Then we ventured out into the morning. It seems like every time I go outside our yard is more wild than it was before. At the bottom of the hill, by the creek, there was a large branch that touched the ground and made a wonderful green shield to hide behind, our apple tree was as big and blossoming as ever, and the creek bed had become a jungle of fallen tree branches and overgrown grass during my absence. 
Our creek bed runs all the way behind our neighbor's yard. It's hidden behind a thick wall of tall cane like weeds which you can't see through; in this shaded place we have discovered a perfectly wonderful path through an archway of leaves and sunlight. Today however, my sister proved herself to be much more of an adventurous person than I. She was in nothing but her nightgown and robe, with no shoes or socks on. If I had been like her, instead of having my comfy boots on, than I would have completely refused to trek into the woodsy wilderness behind our neighbor's yard. But she wanted to go down it more than I. The journey was well worth it. Several changes had taken place since I had last been down the rugged path; a few thick branches of trees had fallen across the creek bed, and the leaves had begun to fall. It was truly glorious to see the sun come shining through the roof of leaves overhead, it certainly is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. We made it through the muddy path and into the open air once more, where the pretty fluffy weeds had overgrown the path to make a soft cushion for one's feet. At this point we decided to turn back just in case we were caught by one of our neighbors in our pajamas. But my, it was a beautiful sight! 
When we got back to our yard we picked some apples from the apple tree for breakfast, and weeded my sister's garden. She used the hoe, while I was gratified to use my bare hands. It's really amazing how the more weeds you pull up, the more there seems to be. My apple turned out to be quite delicious. And the day was set off with the glorious sunshine of early morning

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm asking for a miracle, nothing less. McCain is playing honorable, but is it really honorable to leave your country to a socialist lier? What kind of honor is that? Why won't McCain stand up and fight! Weren't the last words of his acceptance speech at the RNC, "Fight with me! Fight for this country!" Well, why aren't you fighting now, John McCain? Why aren't you fighting tooth and nail to defend this country from Barack Hussein Obama? It's like by trying to be 'honorable' he's handing the country over to Obama on a silver platter! Why won't the man wake up to facts? Doesn't he hear the people who are coming to his rallies, pleading with him to fight? If God doesn't put his hand out to save us, then I don't believe that we will win this election. And that's why I'm asking for a miracle.

Gretchen Emily Wolaver 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Book of Hosea: Part Three

I finished the book of Hosea a good while ago, but haven't gotten around to writing my final blog on it until now. I'm now reading the book of Isaiah, which I will most likely be writing on as well, it's so magnificent! I've really enjoyed reading Hosea, it has some incredibly touching verses in it. There are some incredibly hard scriptures in there too; for instance:

Ephraim's glory shall fly away like a bird--- no birth, no pregnancy, no conception; if they bring up children, I will bereave till none is left. Woe to them when I depart from them. 


Give them, O Lord----- what will you give? Give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. 

Those verses show in the clearest possible way why we fear God. Without his mercy and grace we are utterly and completely helpless. It's only through his mercy,  love, and guidance that we can be anything but wretched. This next verse was really moving to me. God's wrath has cooled and all that remains is grief, you can almost hear the tears in his voice. 

When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son. The more they were called, the more they went away; they kept sacrificing to the Baals and burning offerings to idols. Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk; I took them up by their arms, but they did not know that I healed them. I led them with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them. 

The most touching part in that verse is when he begins to talk about teaching his son how to walk. I got choked up when I read that. It's so amazing how God uses human examples to put across his feelings to us. It just heightens our knowledge of the fact that every good thing on this earth is just a shadow of what is in Heaven. 
Through studying a bit deeper I finally figured out why Samaria and Assyria are mentioned so many times in the latter half of the book. Samaria took over Israel in the time of Ahaz; and the Israelites lived among them. Later on Assyria came down and fought with Samaria. Assyria won and they made Samaria pay them tribute. Through a sequence of events the King of Assyria grew to distrust the King of Samaria, and so he took over Samaria completely and the Israelites were scattered among the Samarians and Assyrians. I wonder if the Samarians of that time have any connection with the Samaritans of Jesus' time? or if they are two completely different peoples.

I only have three more verses that I want to write down here. The first is kind of a touching and interesting one:

Shall I ransom them from the power of Sheol? Shall I redeem them from death? O Death, where are your plagues? O Sheol, where is your sting? Compassion is hidden from my eyes. 

These final two verses are from the last chapter of Hosea. In the first one the Israelites are speaking. 

Assyria shall not save us; we will not ride on horses; and we will say no more, "Our God," to the works of our hands. In you the orphan finds mercy. 

I think that this last verse could be a prophecy about Israel at the end of time. It's really beautiful.

I will be like the dew to Israel; he shall blossom like the lily; he shall take root like the trees of Lebanon; his shoots shall spread out; his beauty shall be like the olive, and his fragrance like Lebanon. They shall return and dwell beneath my shadow; they shall flourish like the grain, they shall blossom like the vine; their fame shall be like the wine of Lebanon. O Ephraim, what have I to do with idols? It is I who answer and look after you. I am like an evergreen cypress; from me comes your fruit.

Gretchen Emily Wolaver 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Holiday!!

It's the first day of October, my favorite month out of the entire year. I think there should be some sort of celebration for October. Perhaps everyone should dress up in giant leaves of varying colors. We'd just be going back to our grass roots in Adam and Eve! =D I've actually gotten my coat out to wear this morning, it's chilly. Hallelujah! the sweat and gnats are through!

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Up With McCain?

I wish that McCain would buck up! I'm thanking God every day that the House didn't pass the bailout bill, yet he seems disappointed with the whole thing. Why? Isn't it a GOOD thing that our country isn't going socialist? Isn't it a GOOD thing that Paulson isn't getting how many millions of bucks? I just don't get it. And another thing is this, why isn't he putting a ton of adds out there talking about all of the cronies that are apart of Obama's campaign team that were also a part of all of the scandal behind Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae. Franklin Raynes, for instance? I think he's being way too respectful with the whole thing. McCain needs to reveal all of the hidden facts about Obama that most Americans don't know! So why isn't he for pete's sake?

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Really Big Bummer

Well.... earlier today I was looking at a layout of the Kings/Prophets of Judah and Israel, and realized that Hosea was not a prophet (or probably even alive) during the time of Jeroboam. My mistake was, Hosea lived and prophesied during the times of Jeroboam II, which lived quite a while after the first Jeroboam was dead. So.... I'll have to rethink the book a bit. It really is too bad, and it's really depressing considering that I can't really find any in depth information about the reign of Jeroboam II. Ah well, I guess the world will continue to go round.
Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Monday, September 22, 2008

Greed and Money

What's going on with the world? I kind of feel like we're in a whirlpool, new things popping up every day that should give us cause for uneasiness. I wonder what's going on in Washington, what words are being said about the economy behind closed doors? Where is Pesident Bush? What does he think? What does he plan to do? Give all the money to a man who will hopefully, "fix it,". I wish that Bush would stand up to the plate, I have a feeling that he's been checked out from the White House for a several months, and can't wait to get out. I mean, who could blame him? Don't get me wrong, I've always been a big supporter of the President, but I just want to see some action! God help us if Obama wins the election, he's an insecure man (it's written all over his frowning face) who never got the love and support that he desperately needed from his father. I wish I could vote so badly. If the American people put him into office, I really believe that it will be the end of this country as we know it. And what about this hideous skit that Saturday Night Live put on about Todd Palin and his daughters? Tell me this, since when was incest funny? It's sickening, I can't wait to watch that show go to pot. God help us. 

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Book of Hosea: Part Two

In really studying the times of Hosea while reading the book, an entirely new picture of it has opened up before me. Yesterday I began to write a blog questioning why God made Jeroboam King of Israel even when He knew what kind of a man Jeroboam would turn into? I didn't finish the blog, but asked my brother what he thought on the matter. Why would God make a man who would later rebel against Him, King of Israel if He knew all things? Alex's answer was very moving to me.

Jeroboam had the potential to be a wonderful King for Israel, but he chose not to be. God knew that he would choose not to be, but he still gave Jeroboam the choice. Even though he knew that Jeroboam would turn away from Him, He still gave him the chance. I think that's really amazing, it just shows you how incredible God is. Jeroboam was going against God's plans, but God let him have a free choice.

I guess that some people would think, "Well, duh!" when they heard that, but it never occurred to me, at least not in this instance.

Gretchen Emily Wolaver 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Learning the Guitar

A few weeks ago I began to learn the guitar. I already play the mandolin and violin so this is an incredibly new and fun experience for me, though very confusing because of the difference between the strings of the mandolin and guitar. My teacher (undoubtedly the best I have ever had on any instrument) just taught me how to finger pick. It is so hard! I was just practicing it today and my fingers are terribly sore. I am very very excited though, I never thought that the guitar could or would be this fun. My little brother also plays guitar, it'll be really fun when we can play duets together. I suppose that this little cherub isn't quite as excited as I.

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Unfinished Letter

The pen is still, the ink is black
The old man's hand and head are slack.
He's sitting at his desk of wood
The writing desk is rough and crude.
How long has he been sitting there?
With wrinkled face and uncombed hair?

Why don't his children come and call?
Looks like they haven't come at all.
He had a wife, or so it seems
The gold band on his finger gleams.
But if he had a wife and child,
They haven't come in quite a while.

Underneath his arms there lies
An old brown paper that was white
When snow fell down and trees were bare
Before the sun shone bright and glared
Upon the earth which soon forgot
This aged man whom God begot.

Upon the paper lay the words
That none but he have ever heard 
When he murmured them so low
To himself so soft and slow.
Before he came to face his death
To breathe his very final breath.

"My dearest wife, my dearest child,
I've been away for quite a while.
Upon the ocean, sailing fast
To come back home to you at last.
To find you here so safe and sound!
But you, dear wife, I never found."

He'd formed the words with trembling tears
He'd been away so many years!
His hair once red had turned to gray
Why should she wait? Why should she stay?
She prob'ly thought him dead and gone
To that fair land where all is dawn.

"Oh my dear wife, I've loved you yet!
I've loved you under each sunset!
I've dreamt of you from first to last,
My dreams of you still holding fast!
Through every storm through every sigh!
I've watched the earth go rolling by. "

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

My Mistake

After writing my last blog I decided to look up a layout of the Kings of Judah and Israel in Google... well, I found it, and it showed me what I was missing in Hosea's life time. It turns out that there were several kings of Israel in the lifetime of one king of Judah. Who would've thought it? I suppose I've got a lot more to learn yet.

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

The Book of Hosea: Part One

Lately I've been reading the book of Hosea. I never knew that the Prophets could be so interesting! I've been trying to make a layout of the Kings of Israel and Judah versus the Prophets, it can be so incredibly confusing. For instance, Hosea lived and prophesied in the the times of the Kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, of Judah, as well as King Jeroboam of Israel. Now, you tell me how this works, Jeroboam reigned in Israel directly after the death of King Solomon, and in my studies I have discovered that there were a lot of kings (of Judah) between Jeroboam and Uzziah. So how long did Hosea live? I suppose he could have lived a very long time, considering he lived in the Old Testament.

Hosea was told by God to marry the whore Gomer (yes, like Gomer Pile in Andy Griffith, though I think that the spelling is a bit different). When i was younger I sometimes wondered why God would tell a prophet (of all people) to marry a whore, but as I've gotten older I've gron to realize that God wasn't punishing Hosea, He was having him marry Gomer to illustrate what His relationship with Israel was like. In Hosea chapter 2 God tells about his relationship to Israel in the language of a husband trying to woo back his wife from her many lovers.. It's rather harsh through the beginning of the chapter, but at the end it becomes absolutely beautiful.

Hosea had three children out of Gomer, Jezreel, No Mercy (for God would have no more mercy upon the house of Israel), and Not My People, "for you are not my people, and I am not your God."

At the end of chapter 2, after God has spoken of calling back His wife and redeeming her, He says:

"And I will have mercy on No Mercy, and I will say to Not My People, "You are my people," and he shall say, "You are my God."

I think that that is a wonderfully beautiful picture. It really astounds me how even though the Israelites turned away from God over and over again, worshiping golden calves and false gods, He always wanted them back, He actually pleaded with them. If I were God (thank God I'm not) I would have abandoned them (and us) long ago. But he is faithful even when we are not.

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Les Miserables

I read the unedited version of the book Les Miserables a couple of months ago. It's undoubtedly one of the best books I've ever read, the writing was phenomenal, and the character's were flawless. Well, not literally flawless, but the writing of them was. When I was little I saw the movie version of Les Miserables starring Leam Neeson. I remember liking the film, but looking back on the few moments that I actually remember, I realize that it really wasn't that great. Mama always said that it wasn't, she's always liked the older movie version starring Robert Jordan (I think that's his name) as Jean Valjean, and Anthony Perkins as Javert. I watched that film just a few days ago, and thought that it was a respectable portrayal of the book, though not a fifth as good. While reading the book I kept on thinking, "Why the heck does he have to go into fifty pages worth of that stupid Bishop?" But watching the movie, where they condensed sixty pages of the Bishop into five minutes worth of movie, I suddenly saw why Victor Hugo wrote so much on sideline characters. If I had not read the book before seeing the movie my knowledge of the characters would have been about a third of what it is. I wish so badly that someone would make movies of long books where they don't chop out three fourths of the book. I declare, I think that they probably cut two or three climaxes out of the story in the movie. If you haven't, you have to read Les Miserables, don't settle for watching the movie whatever you do. Now, in defense of the movie, I thought that their portrayal of Javert was absolutely perfect, he was the entire character and more, the Bishop was also very well cast. But, one problem more with the film, Marius was hideous! The poor guy who played him had this broad face, with incredibly close set eyes that made him look sort of pig-like. His and Cosette's romance was the worst thing of all. But Javert was incredible. If you liked the book than you should see the movie just for his sake. 

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Peridot

After Daddy saw my blog he said, "That's great Gretchen, but what's a Peridot?" So I thought I would explain it for anyone who doesn't know. A Peridot is the August birthstone. It's a bright green gem that looks exactly like the one in the picture. You pronounce the word pear-uh-doe. Just in case you didn't know!

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lady Rust

This is another poem I wrote. The scene is Farmer Brown talking to the rust on his fence. A children's poem. Lady Rust and Farmer Brown take turns speaking.

Lady Rust

"Where have you come from, Lady Rust?
Making fun of all the dust?"

"The gate was old, the day was cold,
And I was in need of a home."

"No, that was not my question dear.
My question was, what brought you here?"

"The other farmer turned me out,
He washed me off with soap and towel."

"Then you came here. Now ain't that right?
You didn't have a home in sight?"

"Oh no, I did have quite a choice,
But your nice gate was far from noise."

"You don't like noise then, do you dear?
The sound is hateful to your ear?"

"Oh yes, I hate it quite a bit.
It makes me want to shout, "Now quit!"

"So if I made some noise for you,
Would you pack up and leave me too?"

"Oh no, my dearest Farmer Brown.
The nearest gates are cross the down!"

"What if I took you on my arm?
Carried you to another farm?"

"Well I shall have to think on that
This farm is nice, and there's no cats."

"You do not like cats either, aye?
You don't like paws to scratch by day?"

"Oh no, not day, and nor by night!
Just the sight gives me a fright!"

The farmer disappeared a spell,
Then reappeared with cat and bell.

"Oh, dear!" she cried, "I never saw
that cat before. Oh, those sharp claws!"

"Would you like for me to take
you cross the down to find a gate?"

"Oh yes sir, please. I'd like to see
the downs. They're quite unknown to me."

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dance of the Autumn Fay

This is a poem I wrote just the other day. Enjoy!

Dance of the Autumn Fay

The air is still, the hush has fell
The wind moves softly through the dell
The sun is sinking in the sky
And fairies leave their beds to fly

They're little more than sparkles bright
Little more than dots of light
But if you can get close to touch
You'll find upon your soul a hush
As if, to breathe you'll break the spell
Of fairies dancing in the dell

They fly into a circle gay
Each with a leaf of autumn day
Of orange, red, and green, and gold
They light up all the colors so!
That lights upon the dell do play
Of golden colors bright as day!

Into the circle steps a pair
One with long golden flowing hair
As if all gold in all the world 
Was put into her locks unfurled
Beside her dances sprite or man?
His face so young, yet old, like sand
They both are dressed in garments green
As if to say, "Here comes the Spring!"

He danced with her, and she with him
While all the rest looked on at them
Their flowing tresses gleaming fair
As if the sun had risen there
They lifted up into the clouds
And seemed to join the starry crowds.

The host of fay looked at the sky
Up to the stars to say goodbye
To fairies turned to stars up there
Where even night is day so fair
The angels gather in the dell
To say their final, last farewell.

Stars upon the earth do shine
When fairies meet and make a line
To dance beneath the stars of night
Entrancing beauty made of light!

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


For the past several months I have been considering the future that I want for myself. For a long time I've thought of my future as being a long way away, that I have a long time to consider what I want my life to be and a lot of time to prepare myself for it. But recently I've realized that I have only a few years before I need to be prepared to enter into the world as an adult. I've decided to start this blog to have a place where I can put down my thoughts and the things I write, but also to practice my literary skills, and just to have fun. Perhaps in this vast cyberspace there will be someone who will read what I put down, but whether there will be or not, I've decided to not care. I and my sister Camille had another blog that I've decided to abandon (she did so long ago) because the name is cheesy. Great reason, right? Gretchen Emily