Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sun Through the Leaves

This morning I and my sister woke up earlier than everyone else. We decided that we would take a walk through our large backyard while the sun was still rising and the grass was still wet with the morning's dew.  I put on my boots with my pajamas, while she put on her pretty robe with the red roses on it. Then we ventured out into the morning. It seems like every time I go outside our yard is more wild than it was before. At the bottom of the hill, by the creek, there was a large branch that touched the ground and made a wonderful green shield to hide behind, our apple tree was as big and blossoming as ever, and the creek bed had become a jungle of fallen tree branches and overgrown grass during my absence. 
Our creek bed runs all the way behind our neighbor's yard. It's hidden behind a thick wall of tall cane like weeds which you can't see through; in this shaded place we have discovered a perfectly wonderful path through an archway of leaves and sunlight. Today however, my sister proved herself to be much more of an adventurous person than I. She was in nothing but her nightgown and robe, with no shoes or socks on. If I had been like her, instead of having my comfy boots on, than I would have completely refused to trek into the woodsy wilderness behind our neighbor's yard. But she wanted to go down it more than I. The journey was well worth it. Several changes had taken place since I had last been down the rugged path; a few thick branches of trees had fallen across the creek bed, and the leaves had begun to fall. It was truly glorious to see the sun come shining through the roof of leaves overhead, it certainly is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. We made it through the muddy path and into the open air once more, where the pretty fluffy weeds had overgrown the path to make a soft cushion for one's feet. At this point we decided to turn back just in case we were caught by one of our neighbors in our pajamas. But my, it was a beautiful sight! 
When we got back to our yard we picked some apples from the apple tree for breakfast, and weeded my sister's garden. She used the hoe, while I was gratified to use my bare hands. It's really amazing how the more weeds you pull up, the more there seems to be. My apple turned out to be quite delicious. And the day was set off with the glorious sunshine of early morning

Gretchen Emily Wolaver


Effie said...

Gretchen, just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated, and enjoyed your posts in recent weeks. It is so encouraging to find another young person who is using their posts for something other than to vent their immature emotions!! I know the Lord will bless you for your efforts. Keep them coming ;)

Hope all is well. Take care, dear. Blessings to you and yours, Effie

Doug P. Baker said...

Sounds lovely!

Doug P. Baker said...

Hey Gretchen,

I have enjoyed your posts (rare though they are). I'm with you on religion and politics and fascination with Hosea. I am especially impressed by how you write about your family. Very touching!

I wanted to invite you to take part in a sonnet writing challenge. It is simply that I have invited readers of my blog to compose a sonnet and send it to me and I'll post them all on 11/12. If you are willing, I expect that you would be the youngest sonneteer to appear.