Thursday, September 18, 2008

Learning the Guitar

A few weeks ago I began to learn the guitar. I already play the mandolin and violin so this is an incredibly new and fun experience for me, though very confusing because of the difference between the strings of the mandolin and guitar. My teacher (undoubtedly the best I have ever had on any instrument) just taught me how to finger pick. It is so hard! I was just practicing it today and my fingers are terribly sore. I am very very excited though, I never thought that the guitar could or would be this fun. My little brother also plays guitar, it'll be really fun when we can play duets together. I suppose that this little cherub isn't quite as excited as I.

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

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The Kautts said...

Hello Gretchen,

Great blog you've got going.

Playing the guitar is very fun, if you keep at it. I can finger pick one song, and yes it does make your fingers sore. Back when I was playing allot more than I am now, I had tougher finger tips, but now if I tried, I'm sure it would be most painful.

Keep up the good work here on your blog!

Blessings on your week,
Abby Kautt