Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life And All

Well, time does fly! I was looking through old posts the other day and realized that I hadn't posted since November. What? Really? No way! Oh dear… sooooo... here I go restarting.

I must say that I was inspired by looking into some other blogs. One I've found is called Honey and Jam. Mix gorgeous photography and really yummy looking recipes, and you've got it. I've been cooking a lot more recently - the other day I made supper for the family (complete with a gorgonzola brie caramelized onion tart…. oh yes) and that was a great deal of fun and stress. I suppose I still need to learn how to cook for eight or more and not get in over my head. Though, in my defense, a tornado was on its way through, so that made everything just a tad different.

On the whole, life is very good. Very busy, sometimes hectic, but good. If life had to be busy-free and hectic-free in order to be good, we might all be in a bit of trouble. And time flies… I've also been writing a good deal more (which means that I'm writing a little bit instead of nothing at all). And today I began 'Brideshead Revisited' by Evelyn Waugh. New author for me, but Benjamin and Alex both lauded it - plus I heard that there was a great BBC adaptation, so there's double yumminess in that combo!

The annual Winter/Spring illnesses have thrown the household for quite a loop this time 'round. I finally bought a big ole bottle of Vitamin C because Mr. Cold just kept coming back again. The day I no longer have crud will be glorious!

Well, my friends, it has been short - but I must skedaddle.

Ta ta for now and many blessings!