Friday, September 12, 2008

Dance of the Autumn Fay

This is a poem I wrote just the other day. Enjoy!

Dance of the Autumn Fay

The air is still, the hush has fell
The wind moves softly through the dell
The sun is sinking in the sky
And fairies leave their beds to fly

They're little more than sparkles bright
Little more than dots of light
But if you can get close to touch
You'll find upon your soul a hush
As if, to breathe you'll break the spell
Of fairies dancing in the dell

They fly into a circle gay
Each with a leaf of autumn day
Of orange, red, and green, and gold
They light up all the colors so!
That lights upon the dell do play
Of golden colors bright as day!

Into the circle steps a pair
One with long golden flowing hair
As if all gold in all the world 
Was put into her locks unfurled
Beside her dances sprite or man?
His face so young, yet old, like sand
They both are dressed in garments green
As if to say, "Here comes the Spring!"

He danced with her, and she with him
While all the rest looked on at them
Their flowing tresses gleaming fair
As if the sun had risen there
They lifted up into the clouds
And seemed to join the starry crowds.

The host of fay looked at the sky
Up to the stars to say goodbye
To fairies turned to stars up there
Where even night is day so fair
The angels gather in the dell
To say their final, last farewell.

Stars upon the earth do shine
When fairies meet and make a line
To dance beneath the stars of night
Entrancing beauty made of light!

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

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