Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God and the gods

In reading through the Old Testament it has struck me how everyone in that time period believed in God, or a god. They even believed in a god that they didn't serve. The Babylonians worshiped Baal and others, and yet when they talk about Israel they always speak of the God of Israel as a god just as real and worshipful as theirs. There is such a gigantic difference between their way of thinking, and todays way, where most people don't believe in any god, true or false.

In Bible times people were much more open to mysterious thoughts and ways of thinking than we are today. Take the Greeks for example, they had hundreds of gods and demigods, and didn't think twice about it; of course all of their gods were false, and it can be argued whether or not they were actually demons, but still they believed in them wholeheartedly. Today's world is so full of steel and metal and science that it has choked out most of the healthy amount of belief in things unseen. The more knowledgeable we become in the arts of science and architecture, the more we become illiterate and idiotic in the spiritual things - and then when someone thinks that they've found the answer to the spiritual questions it's always some babble about Buddha and finding the perfect spirit within yourself. Humanity has even become so spiritually blind and dumb as to think that this magnificent Creation was made by a fluke of a chemical reaction. Here's a question - where did those chemicals come from? Answer that for starters.

Every day I wake up and am overwhelmed by the splendor of God and the magnificence of what He's made. He is the Beginning and the End, and He has made all things.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Cardinals vs. Steelers - Cardinals Win

It might come as a shock... prepare yourself... but despite the fact that I'm from Tennessee, and really truly love my state, I think the Titans stink! Now hold on... you may think that I'm unpatriotic, (that's what a few of my friends think) but I can testify whole-heartedly that that isn't so. They're like a racehorse who when he puts his mind to it can outrun every other horse in the race, but at the very end just starts to slow down for no explainable reason. I mean, they lost the game against the Ravens for no apparent reason! I think that they must have some psychological problem that doesn't allow them to win. Oh well, the Colts are my team, and always will be. For the Super Bowl I'm rooting for the Cardinals, partly because I like their quarterback, and mainly because I hate the Steelers. I mean, the Steelers are like the evil team in the football movie who are huge, ferocious, and unbeatable - that is until the underdog team comes and beats them in the last fifty seconds with a breathtaking touchdown!! And so, on February 1st I'm going to sit back with a bowl of chips and a soda, and cheer on the birds!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Room With A View

Last year I read 'A Room With A View' by E.M. Forster and it immediately joined the list of my favorite books. Not only is it deep, romantic, well written, and over all just plain wonderful, but the characters themselves are so original and fresh that the combination of Forster's intriguing writing style and his creations make a book full of vitality and color.  A few days ago me and Camille (my sister) came across a movie adaption of the book starring Helena Bonham Carter as Lucy Honeychurch, the heroine. I don't exactly remember what year the movie was made in, but Carter was very young, and it had a handful of famous actors in it that were all significantly younger than today, so it must have been made several years ago. I really loved the movie - the script is practically taken word for word from the book, which is always nice (it's one of the things I love about the ABC adaptions of Jane Austen's novels). I must confess that I was rather dismayed when I learned that Carter was playing Lucy Honeychurch, but when I watched the movie I was sweetly surprised by her wonderful portrayal of the character. The movie caught the nuance of character and story arc that is what's so endearing about the book, and for that I'll give it a definite five stars. But, take care that you know to read the book before watching the movie. I have yet to see a movie adaption of a book that is better than the book, and that rule certainly applies in this case. 


NYC, Twilight, and a Really Weird Mannikin

Despite the fact that it's been at least two months since I last wrote a blog, many things have happened, and I've decided to forget whether or not I have something brilliant or clever to write and to just write something
The past month has been an incredibly busy one for my family, full of traveling all over the country.  There's been many beautiful and intriguing sights that we have passed, among them being the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and a lady mannikin sitting in a tub in a bathroom that seems to stare at you when you are doing your business. This last phenomenon was found in a small diner in the highlands of Montana, and we all had a good laugh to discover that she screamed and talked if you pushed a button on the outside wall. I've often wondered who thought that up.
Right now we're getting ready for a trip to Florida, where we're playing on a cruise that's going to Grand Turk Island in the Bahamas. It will be the first trip I've ever taken out of the States, and the whole thing is very exciting. It's especially good to know that we'll be away from the ice and snow throughout the rest of January. Terrible month!

Among other things that have happened since I last wrote, my family and I have made a trip up to NYC for a gig. I must say that I was rather looking forward to seeing the place again, since I haven't been there since I was nine. But I was sorely disappointed when I found that the whole place was a stink pit of metal, noise, dirty advertisements, and rude people. Nashville seemed like the most quiet, country city that you could possibly dream of compared to it. I came to the conclusion while I was there that I would always highly prefer the country to the city, quiet to noise, and peace to bustle. I mean, who wouldn't? I really can't fathom who could possibly stand to live there. It's like Mama said, "Just imagine what this country would be like if NYC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Sacramento weren't there?" I think I would like this country better if that were the case. 

Well, that's about all I have to say for right now. The creative writing wheels have begun to turn around in my brain once again, and there might be some poem or short story that I'll post in a little while; but we'll see how that goes. In closing I'll say that I am looking for ten girls my age who can honestly say that they think this new Twilight craze is the stupidest thing that's come around the pike for a long time. But we'll see how that goes too.