Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lady Rust

This is another poem I wrote. The scene is Farmer Brown talking to the rust on his fence. A children's poem. Lady Rust and Farmer Brown take turns speaking.

Lady Rust

"Where have you come from, Lady Rust?
Making fun of all the dust?"

"The gate was old, the day was cold,
And I was in need of a home."

"No, that was not my question dear.
My question was, what brought you here?"

"The other farmer turned me out,
He washed me off with soap and towel."

"Then you came here. Now ain't that right?
You didn't have a home in sight?"

"Oh no, I did have quite a choice,
But your nice gate was far from noise."

"You don't like noise then, do you dear?
The sound is hateful to your ear?"

"Oh yes, I hate it quite a bit.
It makes me want to shout, "Now quit!"

"So if I made some noise for you,
Would you pack up and leave me too?"

"Oh no, my dearest Farmer Brown.
The nearest gates are cross the down!"

"What if I took you on my arm?
Carried you to another farm?"

"Well I shall have to think on that
This farm is nice, and there's no cats."

"You do not like cats either, aye?
You don't like paws to scratch by day?"

"Oh no, not day, and nor by night!
Just the sight gives me a fright!"

The farmer disappeared a spell,
Then reappeared with cat and bell.

"Oh, dear!" she cried, "I never saw
that cat before. Oh, those sharp claws!"

"Would you like for me to take
you cross the down to find a gate?"

"Oh yes sir, please. I'd like to see
the downs. They're quite unknown to me."

Gretchen Emily Wolaver

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