Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Book of Hosea: Part Two

In really studying the times of Hosea while reading the book, an entirely new picture of it has opened up before me. Yesterday I began to write a blog questioning why God made Jeroboam King of Israel even when He knew what kind of a man Jeroboam would turn into? I didn't finish the blog, but asked my brother what he thought on the matter. Why would God make a man who would later rebel against Him, King of Israel if He knew all things? Alex's answer was very moving to me.

Jeroboam had the potential to be a wonderful King for Israel, but he chose not to be. God knew that he would choose not to be, but he still gave Jeroboam the choice. Even though he knew that Jeroboam would turn away from Him, He still gave him the chance. I think that's really amazing, it just shows you how incredible God is. Jeroboam was going against God's plans, but God let him have a free choice.

I guess that some people would think, "Well, duh!" when they heard that, but it never occurred to me, at least not in this instance.

Gretchen Emily Wolaver 

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Doug P. Baker said...

God really is amazing! He doesn't make decisions in the way that we do at all!

I love those breathtaking times like you describe of seeing more clearly something in Scripture that before I hadn't seen at all or maybe had only dimly had hints of. Then, POW, it hits me and I am floored once again by a new realization of how awesome our God is!

And the cool thing about the Bible is that the more you look into it the more intense you see God to be.

I'm sure you've read 1 Cor 2:10. Paul says that "the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God." Paul uses the present tense, saying that the Holy Spirit CONTINUALLY searches the heart of God the Father. If he has been doing that for eternity and still continues, you can bet that you and I will never get to the end of fresh discoveries about the wonders of our God! There will always be more breathtaking moments awaiting our discovery!