Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Room With A View

Last year I read 'A Room With A View' by E.M. Forster and it immediately joined the list of my favorite books. Not only is it deep, romantic, well written, and over all just plain wonderful, but the characters themselves are so original and fresh that the combination of Forster's intriguing writing style and his creations make a book full of vitality and color.  A few days ago me and Camille (my sister) came across a movie adaption of the book starring Helena Bonham Carter as Lucy Honeychurch, the heroine. I don't exactly remember what year the movie was made in, but Carter was very young, and it had a handful of famous actors in it that were all significantly younger than today, so it must have been made several years ago. I really loved the movie - the script is practically taken word for word from the book, which is always nice (it's one of the things I love about the ABC adaptions of Jane Austen's novels). I must confess that I was rather dismayed when I learned that Carter was playing Lucy Honeychurch, but when I watched the movie I was sweetly surprised by her wonderful portrayal of the character. The movie caught the nuance of character and story arc that is what's so endearing about the book, and for that I'll give it a definite five stars. But, take care that you know to read the book before watching the movie. I have yet to see a movie adaption of a book that is better than the book, and that rule certainly applies in this case. 


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