Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God and the gods

In reading through the Old Testament it has struck me how everyone in that time period believed in God, or a god. They even believed in a god that they didn't serve. The Babylonians worshiped Baal and others, and yet when they talk about Israel they always speak of the God of Israel as a god just as real and worshipful as theirs. There is such a gigantic difference between their way of thinking, and todays way, where most people don't believe in any god, true or false.

In Bible times people were much more open to mysterious thoughts and ways of thinking than we are today. Take the Greeks for example, they had hundreds of gods and demigods, and didn't think twice about it; of course all of their gods were false, and it can be argued whether or not they were actually demons, but still they believed in them wholeheartedly. Today's world is so full of steel and metal and science that it has choked out most of the healthy amount of belief in things unseen. The more knowledgeable we become in the arts of science and architecture, the more we become illiterate and idiotic in the spiritual things - and then when someone thinks that they've found the answer to the spiritual questions it's always some babble about Buddha and finding the perfect spirit within yourself. Humanity has even become so spiritually blind and dumb as to think that this magnificent Creation was made by a fluke of a chemical reaction. Here's a question - where did those chemicals come from? Answer that for starters.

Every day I wake up and am overwhelmed by the splendor of God and the magnificence of what He's made. He is the Beginning and the End, and He has made all things.



Benjamin Wolaver said...

(Cue Hallelujah Chorus) Now you see, Gretchen, you are a great writer... and smart too :) Good job.

Amy Elisabeth said...

Wow Gretchen! That is a great post--you are so profound! How did you think of that? It's a funny coincidence that we just talked about that yesterday in Rhetoric class! But on the other side of the issue, Mr. Pitts mentioned that the vast majority of the Greeks didn't really think squat about their gods and goddesses, and just liked to write about them and have fun with them. They didn't really believe in them. But like you said, at least they weren't dumb enough to attribute the world to bubbling chemicals! =D
Love you ;)