Monday, March 14, 2011

Sewing Sunshine

Lately I've been sewing a great deal. It's such a fun, comforting thing. After searching the internet for information on some questions I had, I decided that I should start my own blog about sewing. And thus was born my new blog, Sewing Sunshine. It's just a place where I'll put up things I learn, links, patterns, and all sorts of things. Check it out!



Jessica Hall said...

Oooo I like to sew too! But I don't do it much! =D Well, I shall enjoy reading your other blog and I'm sure I will learn something! =D

Katie Mahoney said...

That is wonderful Gretchen!
I will look forward in reading the tips that you have learned. Are you planning to have pictures of your projects? I would be interested to know what cross-stitch design you are working on now.You have reminded me of some hand embroidery, and knitting projects that I have neglected. Next week I plan to finish sewing an outfit that I really would like to wear this resurrection season.
Enjoy sewing! : )
Love, Katie Mahoney

Anonymous said...

That is exciting Gretchen! I can’t wait to see what you have been working on. I love cross-stitch. I have been enjoying using Landmark Charts for counted cross-stitch. I found them online at a place called Clare’s Celtic Cornucopia. They have a lot of interesting designs. I especially enjoy the British castles, and Celtic designs. I have been working on Dunnottar Castle off and on for a couple of years now :). If you keep on plugging away they eventually get done. I was so happy when the Celtic sun that I stitched using vibrant silk floss got finished. I don’t know if you have ever heard of waste canvas? It is like a disposable Aida cloth that you can put over a normal fabric. You cross-stitch your design, pull out the waste canvas and, Voila!
~ Briana Mahoney
P.S. I was trying to comment on the Sewing Sunshine blog, and it didn't let me type in the "Post a Comment" box. Maybe it's a problem with my computer.
P.S.S. We just got up a new blog "Home and Hospitality"!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gretchen,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that you sounded great last night! I wish I could have seen your smiling face, though! Feel better soon!


Ted said...

Hi Gretchen:

I just ran into A Pocket Peridot as I was trolling around cyberspace looking for information about the AMB and thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know what a HUGE AMB fan I’ve become. Last Dec. I was channel surfing one evening and stumbled upon the last 20 minutes of your PBS Christmas show. I was stunned by the incredible performance, more so than anything I’ve seen since Riverdance appeared in the 1990’s. When PBS told me I’d caught the end of their last local broadcast I immediately bought the DVD which I must have watched 10 times over the next couple of months. Have since also acquired P&P which I’ve watched several times. What your family has accomplished artistically is truly amazing. All of you are certainly outstanding musicians however I’ve concluded that what really sets the AMB apart is the fun you have performing which projects to and infects the audience. Your enthusiasm is truly extraordinary and contagious. I’m quit surprised that I’ve become such a fan as chamber music and its derivatives and relatives has never been on my musical radar screen. I’m a rock & roller from back in the day that played lead guitar in bands while in high school and college. I never thought I’d see the day when my favorite contemporary band played primarily violins, violas, cellos, and harps. (Of course some of what you play comes pretty close to rock.)

When watching the DVDs I’ve sometimes wondered if all your family does 24/7 is practice. I’ve just read many of your blog entries and was pleased to find that you (and by association the rest of your family) are educated, well rounded, and interested in things other than music. This has diffused my tendency to view the Wolavers as some kind of super-beings as your blogs suggests that you deal with the same types of stuff as the rest of us. In addition to being an accomplished musician, you’re also a talented writer. I particularly enjoyed (and agree with) your Integrity of America essay. You’re certainly much more educated on the history of our country and aware of what has made us great then the average citizen of your age.

Being in sort of a “Christmas in July” mood a few days ago I re-watched the Christmas video which in turn caused me to re-check the AMB website to see if there was any slim chance you’d be coming to Colorado anytime in the foreseeable future. Much to my great pleasure I found that you’ll be in my area in late August so I’ll be there for the Westminster, CO show.

Finally, and on a totally different topic, I note that a lot of the DVD credits show AMB support functions clustered just outside of Nashville which suggests that this may be generally where your family is located. I have a couple of nephews who grew up in that area and their ages are such that they could have crossed paths with you and/or one or more of your siblings so I’m curious……. Since this is probably not the most appropriate forum to discuss such things for privacy reasons, perhaps you can contact me through other means. I’m on Facebook but am not an active user and have never tried using their messaging. You could try that I suppose or better yet just email me directly. My first name is ted and last is hine. The address is first name plus last name (one word, no spaces) at sprynet dot com. (It’s amazing what one has to go through to keep their name and email from being harvested by automated web crawlers.) Hope to hear from you sometime and look forward to your next blog entry and seeing the AMB live in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gretchen - I miss you! I had so much fun getting to know you this summer! I probably already said that, but who cares!?! I saw a bottle of Brianna's Blue Cheese Salad Dressing at the store today - which I promptly pointed out to my mom as "Gretchen's favorite salad dressing".

I can't wait to see you in Jan.!


Ted said...

Hi Gretchen:

Great performance last night (8/24/11) in Westminster, CO. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed seeing the AMB in person and having the chance, however briefly, to meet you and your siblings. You’re part of a truly amazing family.

What with all the excitement and the crowd I completely forgot to ask you or the others if any of the Wolaver siblings might have run into my Tennessee nephews (see my previous blog comment). Maybe you can get back to me the next time you’re able to schedule a blog entry. No rush. (I can see why you only have limited time for blogging……. your travel schedule must be grueling.)

Am looking forward to experiencing future AMB artistic endeavors (likely only on CD/DVD till you make it to Colorado again) and of course to your upcoming blogs as you find the time. Will check periodically to see what you’re up to.


Aidyl Ewoh said...

I think it’s so great when people like to sew all the time. That can be so helpful! =)